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Together, we're using flowers to advance causes of justice & charity in our community

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At The Flowers for Dreams Foundation, we are committed to funding small and local charities in our community. As a B Corporation, our partner Flowers for Dreams LLC has always believed business should be a force for good. Since 2012, Flowers for Dreams LLC has donated more than 25% of its net profits to local causes. Together, we have now combined to donate over $1,000,000 to 200 charities and counting.

10 Years • 150+ Charities • $1,484,388 IN ALL-TIME DONATIONS


Animal Rescue


Black Lives


Domestic Violence




The Great Lakes


Gun Violence






Mental Health

Meet the Board Members

The Board of Directors includes a diverse group of Flowers for Dreams company owners, employees, community stakeholders, and nonprofit executives who help recruit, evaluate, and confirm amazing local charities for our Foundation to support.

Steven Dyme

CEO & Co-Founder

Flowers for Dreams

Joseph Dickstein

GM & Co-Founder

Flowers for Dreams

Sandy Nuccio

CPA & Senior Adviser

Liz Jansen

Executive Director

Women Unite

Eva Maria Lewis

Founder & Executive Director

Free Root Operation

Cam Balzer

Head of Product

Flowers for Dreams

Neveen Elias

HR & Accounting

Flowers for Dreams

Alex Wasserman


Flowers for Dreams

Alyssa Stark

HR Manager

Flowers for Dreams

A.J. Barks

Executive Director

Chicago Women's Health Center

WE FUND Nonprofits with a 501c3 status Nonprofits located in the Flowers for Dreams service area Nonprofits who prioritize local and shine light on disadvantaged communities Nonprofits who stand boldly against racism, discrimination, and injustice Nonprofits working to foster civic engagement and ensure equity
WE DO NOT FUND Fiscally sponsored organizations Research or research projects Scholarship funds International organizations Chambers of Commerce Organization Size: The Foundation typically prioritizes organizations with annual operating budgets below $10 million.
CAUSE CYCLES The Flowers for Dreams Foundation operates in four to five seasonal Cause Cycles and gives its largest grants through the Core Fund. During each Cause Cycle, the Board will typically select from charities in every metropolitan area where Flowers for Dreams has a brick & mortar presence (currently Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee). Reporting Requirements: Grants awarded via our Cause Cycles are typically unrestricted. However, the Foundation does require a report one year after awards are distributed outlining how the money was used, the impact it had, and the number of people served.
RESPONSE FUND In addition to the Core Fund which serves each Cause Cycle, the Foundation operates a smaller Response Fund. Grants distributed through the Response Fund are not on a predetermined schedule, and instead get determined in real-time as a response to pressing social, environmental, and community issues. Examples of Response Fund grants include frontline support during COVID-19, combating voter suppression, and promoting gun control in the wake of shootings.
DEADLINE AND REVIEW PROCESS Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis and year-round. For example, those submitted in June 2021 will remain on file through December 2021. Each quarter, the Board with recommendations from the Donation Advisory Committee (DAC) reviews applications and selects awardees for the forthcoming Cause Cycle. Applications are typically reviewed in March, May, August, and December of each year.
Interested in applying for a grant? APPLY FOR NEXT SEASON
RESOURCES Enjoy these helpful resources available to nonprofits.
LEADERSHIP How to manage leadership and develop strong boards with BoardSource. Learn More
GRANT WRITING Tips on writing a grant proposal from AmpliFund. Learn More
CONSULTING Affordable capacity-building services from Women Unite! Learn More
COURSES Free online courses from Nonprofitready.org. Learn More

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Donations since 2021 have been made by The Flowers for Dreams Foundation.
All donations listed from before 2021 were made by Flowers4Dreams LLC.

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